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Model DVS is s EBARA electric submersible pumps, semi-vortex, in cast Iron APPLICATIONS Effluent collection tanks Ideal for application with effluent containing soft or fibrous solids Lifting or clear or grey water with suspended particles Septic tanks (imhoff) SPECIAL FEATURES Semi-wortex non-clogging impeller enables pumping of foreign matter with dimension up to 70% of the delivery port diameter Easy maintenace INSTALLATIONS
Model DL is Ebara sewage submersible pump, semi-open, non-clog, in cast Iron APPLICATIONS Sewage water Ideal for application with industrial water Waste water treatment facilities Septic tanks (imhoff) SPECIAL FEATURES Unique impeller desgin prevents overload under severe operating conditions, Semi-open non-clog impellers prevent pump clog by  foreign matter. The protective device built into the motor prevents the motor from burning out as a result of overcurrent or abnormal temperature rise of the coil. Optional quick discharge connector facilities installation and maintenance. INSTALLATIONS  
Model DML is Ebara sewage submersible pump, single channel, in cast Iron APPLICATIONS Sewage water Evacuation ò civil and industrial waste water Draining underground areas Draining infiltration water Handling foul waste water (domestic services) Septic tanks (imhoff) SPECIAL FEATURES Fitted with single-channel impeller Anti-vortex system in oil chamber Optional quick discharge connector facilities installation and maintenance. INSTALLATIONS  
Model DS is s EBARA electric submersible pumps, semi-vortex, in cast Iron APPLICATIONS Drainage tanks Lifting rain water Lifting clear water and water with small suspended particles Draining reservoirs SPECIAL FEATURES High efficiency semi-open impeller Non-clogging filter INSTALLATIONS
Submersible electric pumps in AISI 304 stainless steel for foul waste water. APPLICATIONS Evacuation of civil and industrial waste water Drying wells and excavations Draining underground areas Handling fluids containing suspended solids / filaments Draining infiltration water Handling foul waste water (domestic services) SPECIAL FEATURES Fitted with 10 m power cable, type H07 RN-F (single phase), type FG50K (three-phase) Available with/without float switch Equipped with single-channel or vortex impeller (VOX) INSTALLATIONS
Model CVM is EBARA vertical multistage centrifugal pump. Impeller is Glass fibre reinforced which balance between robust and cost. This model coupled with IE3 motor. Combined with EBARA inverter E-Drive to form a water supply booster pump unit. Main applications: jockey pump, booster pump
The EVMS feature a range of technical solutions that offer a revolutionary product on the market. Among the multistage vertical pumps stand out the EVMS that, thanks to the exclusive technical solutions adopted and the unmistakably EBARA design, represent the most innovative series on the market. Industrial applications represent their best field of use. Some unique features: EBARA production ETM motors in IE3 eficiency class, starting from 0.75 up to 11kw witth the 1.5kw siza they have PTC probe as standard. The Shurricane impeller The cartridge-type mechanical seal The wide variety of connections available. APPLICATIONS: Pressurisation Heating Fire fighting Irrigation Washing Swimming pools Air-conditioning
2CDX(L) are surface centrifugal electric pumps with double radial impeller, with the hydraulics completely in molded AISI 304 or AISI 316 (version L), whose components are obtained through the hydroforming process, which guarantees strength, hydraulic efficiency and reliability. 2CDX(L) model is suitable for different uses ranging from domestic pressurization to small irrigation, from water treatment plants to evaporative towers; therefore for handling clean water in general. The double impeller makes it possible to expand the performance range with respect to the singleimpeller version. The standard mechanical seal is made of Ceramic/Carbon/NBR, but several special seals are available.
Model CD is EBARA horizontal centrifugal pump which made in EBARA Italy factory. All components from pump to motor are made by high quality stainless steel AISI from Europe. Pump seal is mechanical seal which eliminate contamination from environment to clean water inside system. Model CD has many application from domestic pressurisation to small irrigation, from water treatment plants to evaporative towers
EBARA Model CDA centrifugal electric pumps are cast iron electric pumps fitted with a double impeller to allow them to expand their performance while maintaining compact dimensions. The pump body is in cast iron, they mount a mechanical seal in Ceramic/Carbon/NBR. This model is light duty pump like water supply, small booster unit, irrigation
EBARA Model 3D Standardized single-stage centrifugal pumps (EN 733). This is a commercial line product from EBARA which manufactured in Italia. 3D series is suitable for light industrial process, water supply, HVAC system, drinking water booster pump unit... This series is strategic product line from EBARA which is the intersection of technologies, creation and economy.
EBARA CNA-CNC split case pump is characterized by its ability to virtually eliminate radial loads by hydraulically balancing the liquid within the casing. This balancing ability is made possible by the unique double volute construction, which provides two individual volute passageways to guide the flow out of the impeller and into the discharge. Moreover, the split case provides the double suction impeller, which extends the life of the pump by neutralizing the axial forces. The double volute and double suction construction has a number of great benefits: APPLICATIONS Industrial plants Public water supply District cooling/heating plants Air-con / heating systems Fire protection Cooling systems Irrigation
Pumping clean water for HVAC systems in buildings and commercial complexes, fire-fighting, industries, water treatment plants, irrigation and general water transfer. This model has long history in service and prove its quality and performance
EBARA NORMALIZED CENTRIFUGAL ELECTRIC PUMPS according to EN 733 in cast iron. It's applied the last technology from EBARA Corporation to achieved highest performance and robust. Model GS is compliance to EN733 which recognized as common standard for pump industry. APPLICATIONS • Pressurization and washing systems • Semiconductor industry • Pressurization • Firefighting systems • Heating systems • Conditioning and cooling systems • Water supply for municipal services • Irrigation • Agriculture