In 2018, AGIZA Vietnam Co., Ltd set up its first headquartered which is located in Ho Chi Minh City. Furthermore, customers have valued the high development and quick growth in the field of the industrial pumps distribution and M&E equipment by AGIZA Vietnam Co., Ltd. For more than two years, leading by an experienced leader teams with more than 10 years of experiences in the pump industry and excellent staff, AGIZA Vietnam Co., Ltd has been becoming excellently a distributor that provides most products of industrial pumps and M&E equipment for many projects and customers in most provinces in Vietnam.

With a sustained demand for the rapid development and the increased the service of requirements in a dynamic economy like Vietnam, AGIZA Vietnam Co., Ltd have established the process of important business were the technical advice – product supply – test commissioning – troubleshooting – maintenance.

Building on continual support from customers with its strong commitment to the pursuit of excellence and leadership in industrial pumps and M&E equipment, AGIZA Vietnam Co., Ltd has been expanding the  strong faith and obvious engagement with both the best quality and the effective of after-sale service. In addition, our AGIZA Vietnam Co., Ltd bases on the slogan “Always in motion” that our company finds inspiration from always in the preparation to adapt and change suitably in the development of society with the exactly purpose becoming a leader in the supply of pumps and equipment in M&E industry in Vietnam.



Always in motion”

The movement is the best way in order to innovate and adapt which plays an important role in the development of all fields including pumps and M&E equipment. Therefore, AGIZA Vietnam Co., Ltd is always in the position:

  • Being ready in each situation with flexible and sufficient preparation fully so that we can be able to satisfy the demands of customers RAPIDLY – EFFECTIVELY.
  • Accompany closely with customers anywhere, any project when the consumers need us.
  • The quality of products combined with the quality of service.
  • Update changes in the development of technology, techniques, modern trends to bring the best products to consumers that respond the industrial of development trend.



If you are first you are first.  If you are second, you are nothing.”

  • Towards becoming the number one of the pump supplier in Vietnam.
  • Becoming the diversification in many fields that will be a multi-industry group and provide a variety of products related to the M&E industry.
  • Building the solidarity and team spirit of employees and leaders united as one.
  • Evaluating the quality of improvement not only of products and services but also across the organization to be able to grow and adapt to the development of society.